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Tree Removal Services in Arlington, VA

Crane-Assisted Tree Removal for Homes & Commercial Properties

Big Steve's Tree Care offers the convenience of crane-assisted tree removal in Arlington, Manassas, Alexandria, Annandale, and the surrounding Northern VA communities. With a crane, our team is able to remove trees more efficiently, cutting down on time needed and labor costs. Cranes offer a safe and more cost-effective alternative to traditional tree removal services. We are here and ready to assist with all your emergency tree removal needs.

If you are in need of a Northern VA tree removal service, there is no other team to trust than Big Steve's Tree Care. Give us a call today at (571) 464-7373 to learn more!

When Should I Get a Tree Removed?

As homeowners, we value trees around our property. Not only do trees provide clean air for us to breathe, but they also bring life and beauty to our living spaces. However, while some trees can last for decades, if not centuries, there comes a time when a tree declines to the point that it is a danger for those living around it. When a tree has declined to a dangerous point, a strong wind during a storm is all it takes to bring the tree toppling down. 

Our Fairfax County tree removal experts want to ensure that residents never have to find themselves in a situation where the mere presence of a tree is a danger to their home.

Signs you should call for tree removal in Centreville, VA:

  • Decay in the trunk and near the roots
  • A mound has developed around the trunk
  • The tree is gradually leaning to one side
  • The crown of the tree is dead or decaying
  • Cracks, splits, and discoloration in tree bark

When you feel like you need to get a tree removed from your yard, give us a call at (571) 464-7373 or contact us online.

How Do I Know If My Tree Is Diseased Or Dying?

A dead tree is not only an eyesore, but it is also a hazard. A dying tree is usually structurally weak and may fall unexpectedly. Be sure to remove it as quickly as possible, especially if it is close to buildings or areas where people gather often, walk, or drive. We're available for tree removal in Centreville, VA whenever you need us.

Below are a few ways to tell if your tree is distressed and if you should consider its removal:

  • Small branches form at the base of the tree -- this may indicate that your tree is under extreme stress. Get your tree evaluated by an experienced arborist or tree care professional.
  • Mushroom and fungi growth at the roots -- not all mushrooms are bad, but growth may indicate internal rot or root disease
  • Tree trunk damage -- vertical cracks and bark that falls off and does not grow back
  • Dead branches -- during spring and summer months, the branches won’t have leaves. During the autumn months, the branches may keep their leaves longer than the other trees.
  • Root damage -- trees obtain nutrients from the soil and water through their roots. If the roots are damaged, then it is likely that it is not getting what it needs in order to thrive.
  • Pests spreading disease -- if the trees in your area are suffering from a disease that causes enough damage and there is no cure, you may want to consider removing your trees
  • Tree topping -- Has your tree undergone tipping, heading, or rounding over recently? Tree topping is a method of reducing the size of a tree and unfortunately, it is not the most practical solution because it may impact your tree’s food source, and increases the risk of decay, and risk of limb failure. In some cases, the tree will grow branches and limbs again quickly, but it is due to compensating for the loss from the tree topping. Unfortunately, these limbs are usually weak from growing too quickly and may break more easily during high winds or severe storms.

Have a tree that may be dying? The Northern VA tree removal experts at Big Steve’s Tree Care LLC are ready to take it away for you! Call (571) 464-7373 or contact us online -- We're Available 24/7!

Expert Tree Stump Removal in Centreville, VA

At Big Steve's Tree Care, we also offer tree stump removal that is focused on you and your property. When you’re tired of an old tree stump taking up a bunch of space on your land that you could otherwise be using for something else, our tree stump removal experts can excavate and remove the stump in its entirety. Removing a tree stump is a big job— trees have extensive root networks beneath the ground, the overwhelming majority of which you can’t see from the ground above. We always make sure to pull up not just the stump, but all of the roots we can reach in order to ensure that all remains of your tree have been completely removed.

We Remove Tree Stumps For Any Reason, Including:

  • Old tree roots can become a trip hazard
  • Stumps attract pests like termites and carpenter ants
  • Tree roots make it difficult to mow your lawn or maintain your property
  • Trees can become sick or diseased and threaten the health of the rest of your property
  • Decaying stumps look bad and can make your entire yard an eyesore
  • It’s impossible to plant new trees around a stump with excessive roots

How To Remove A Tree Stump

There are two different ways to remove a tree stump: you can either have it dug up and hauled away, or you can have the stump removed by grinding. Grinding involves shredding the stump into woodchips, which is fast and easy but leaves the tree roots behind. Stump removal pulls up the tree roots with the stump, but is a much more difficult process.

What is Stump Grinding?

As mentioned above, stump grinding shreds stumps, and roots closer to the surface using a specialized machine to turn the stump into mulch.

A few benefits of stump grinding include:

  • Preventing sink holes by removing the stump
  • Far less time consuming and expensive than manual removal
  • The mulch/woodchips created by the process can be repurposed for your landscaping needs
  • This process removes the stump below grade level

Fully-Licensed & Insured Tree Removal Experts in Fairfax County & Beyond

At Big Steve's Tree Care, our team of crane tree removal professionals are fully licensed and insured to take on any job. Our certified arborists are extensively trained on techniques that prioritize safety, taking every precaution necessary to complete each job. Furthermore, our Northern VA tree removal experts make themselves available to you for any questions that you may have.

To schedule a Northern VA tree removal service in Mt. Vernon, Annandale, Arlington County, or anywhere throughout the area, contact us today at (571) 464-7373.

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