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The trees around your property keep your home cooler, make your surroundings beautiful and comforting, and they may even hold memories for you and your family. However, when a tree begins to develop problems such as major cracks on the trunk or an insect infestation, it poses risks not just to your family but to your entire property as well. Whether it’s time to say goodbye to one of your trees or if they need to be trimmed, make sure you let a professional handle it.

At Big Steve’s Tree Care, we can safely and efficiently remove trees on your property. We are certified experts and arborists, which means we have the training and equipment necessary to get the job right. Our team will even provide you first with a thorough tree inspection to see if removing it is really the best option. If it is, rest assured that we will treat your trees—and property—with the respect they deserve during the removal process.

If you're in need of tree services in Virginia, fill out our online form or give us a call at (703) 499-3668 to schedule a tree inspection. We also offer emergency tree removal!

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Big Steve’s Tree Care is a full-service tree care company serving Arlington, Falls Church, and the entire Northern Virginia area. As a veteran in this specialized field, we assure you that our team can handle all your tree care needs. For us, no job is too big or too small, we have enough manpower and equipment including a high-powered crane to deliver outstanding work. Whether you need to remove a tree that fell on your property after a storm, clear a lot for a new construction, or simply prune the dead branches from an otherwise healthy tree, Big Steve’s Tree Care is the right team for the job.

Signs You Need Tree Services in Virginia

When it comes to tree maintenance or removal in Virginia, there are certain signs that indicate the tree is in need of help. These signs include leaning, signs of pest infestations, tree diseases, dead branches and more.

Leaning trees can be caused by windy conditions or too much weight on one side of the tree. If you notice that your tree is leaning too far in one direction, it’s best to call a tree service provider as soon as possible. This will help prevent the tree from falling on any surrounding structures or people.


Dead branches are another sign that a tree needs attention from a tree service provider. Dead branches can make a tree more susceptible to tree diseases and pests, so it’s important to have them removed before they become a bigger problem.

If you notice any signs of pests in your tree, such as holes in the bark or ants crawling around the tree’s base, then it may be time to call tree service professionals. Pests can quickly cause tree diseases that can eventually lead to tree death.

Tree diseases can also be a sign that tree service is needed. Signs of tree disease include discolored leaves, fungi growth, and stunted tree growth. If you think your tree may have a tree disease, it’s best to call us as soon as possible to prevent tree death and further damage.

A tree service in Virginia can help you maintain the health and appearance of your tree. So if you notice any of these signs, call our tree service professionals right away to get your tree back into shape. With proper tree care and maintenance, your tree will be healthy and beautiful for years to come.

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