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Spruce Up Trees Around Your Home

When you get home from a long day at work, don’t the trees around your property catch your eye and welcome you home? The truth is trees are one of the first things visitors, friends, and family notice when they come to your home, too. To make a great first impression, be sure to give your trees all the care and attention they need.

Big Steve’s Tree Care offers comprehensive, professional tree care services in Arlington from a team led by certified arborists. We can keep your trees looking their best with regular care or remove a tree that needs to go. Whatever needs to be done to make your property the best it can be, we can do it!

Call (703) 499-3668 to schedule a tree service for your Arlington home.

Professional Services from Leading Local Arborists

You only ever need to know the name of one tree service company for all your tree care needs in Arlington: Big Steve’s Tree Care! For more than 15 years, we have been the name that your neighbors trust, too, whenever the trees around their homes and businesses need some assistance. We equip our team members with leading industry tools to get any tree service done efficiently, so you can get back to enjoying your property sooner than later.

A Few Of Our Arlington Tree Services Include:

  • Tree maintenance: Our arborists perform general maintenance for your trees, like pruning dead leaves and branches, to keep them happy.
  • Tree trimming: We carefully snip and trim away at a tree’s branches to reduce its size without taking away from its beautiful appearance.
  • Tree removal: When a tree no longer belongs on your property, we can safely remove it, haul it away, and dispose of it accordingly. We can remove stumps as well.
  • Lot clearing: If you have to clear an entire lot of trees and stumps, we are the Arlington tree care team to call in. Our top-grade equipment and training make large-scale tree removal jobs safe and efficient.
  • Cabling and bracing: Unsteady or growing trees may need an extra hand to stand tall. Talk to us about cabling and bracing bigger trees near your home.

Why Would You Need a Tree Removed?

The trees around your home can start to feel like part of the family if you live in the same place long enough. Why would you ever want to get one of them removed?

Common Reasons Why You May Need A Tree Removed From Your Property:

  • Bugs: Little creepy crawlies can infest a tree and cause havoc in all directions. To stop an infestation from reaching your home or other greenery on your property, it might be necessary to uproot and remove the infested tree entirely.
  • Fungi: Just how bugs can spread from one tree to another, so can fungi of varying strands. A tree infected with fungus may even pose a danger to your family by causing hazardous spores to swirl into your breathing air.
  • Root intrusion: Massive trees can have their roots extend far under the surface of the ground, reaching well beyond the reach of their canopy. Roots that grow unchecked can actually bump into and eventually break underground pipes around your property, putting you at risk of a serious plumbing disaster.
  • Risk of collapse: Older trees or a tree that has been structurally compromised, perhaps after a storm, may need to be removed before they collapse. If you hear a tree creaking often, or if it seems to be leaning like never before, call our Arlington tree care team at (703) 499-3668 right away.
  • Home construction: Building your home higher or wider could mean a preexisting tree gets in the way. We can combine safety and speed to remove the interfering tree, minimizing the disruption your construction crew experiences because of it.

As your trusted team of Arlington tree care experts, we can tell you whether or not you should have a tree removed from your property after inspecting it. We will use our impressive industry experience and arborist backgrounds to help you make the right call. It might be possible to save a tree you were once thinking of removing, so don’t act too quickly without talking to us first.

For Emergency Tree Removal in Arlington, Call (703) 499-3668

You never know when a storm or harsh winds will knock a tree over and onto your home, as scary as that may be. That’s why we always keep our phone lines open here at Big Steve’s Tree Care, 24/7. The moment a tree or a part of it falls onto your property is the moment you should give us a call. We will send an Arlington tree service team out as soon as possible to help remove it, keeping you and your family safe from further harm.

Contact us to learn more about our Arlington tree services, including emergency tree removal.

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    Paul B.

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